A new life is a little big miracle

A new life is a little big miracle that needs all our love and more. 

Giving a life is the best gift a woman can give. An altruist, incredible sacrifice for love. This is my sincere thought about life and new born babies.

I know, the perfection would be fix a date to conceive but usually conception arrives when we are not ready at all. I know a lot of friends who are waiting with all their heart this magical miracolous moment that is not arriving. I am so sad for them because I am sure they would be perfect lovely mums, but a stressfull life, hard work are the main enemies of pregnancy.

I always suggest that the first thing we have to do to being pregnant is to correct our bad habbits and transform our life in an equilibrate one. To do that the first thing is to eliminate rubbish and junk food and start eating quality food, lot of vegetables and drinking water instead of others drinks.

Smoking and drinking alcolic are so bad for our health and for our utero too. I know stop smoking is not so easy but if you want to do something good is stopping it. I really hate mums smoking near little babies, or future mum, with a bigbelly smoking. It’s so horrible seeing that, isn’t it?

If you desire to have a baby is really important to adopt a regular diet, eating green leafy vegetablesfor example and renunce to fries or other junk food too. It’s for our blood circulation, for our health.

If you took some contraceptive it’s better talking with your gynecologist to know how many time you have to wait before triyng to conceive. Condom is the temporary solution to adopt while your body expels contraceptive residues .

When your diet is rich of vegetable and quality food, when your body is disintoxicated from anticoncezionali you will be ready.

When you’re trying to conceive I think you have to relax and do not stress thinking about it. To do that I suggest you to stay quiet, to not fix your mind on procreate only. Only a serene mind and a healthy body will help you to realize your dream.

Autore dell'articolo: Sheila S.

Sono Sheila mamma e tecnico dei servizi sociali già ideatrice di @atrendyexperience blogMag di Moda e di Bellezza. Come madre di due figlie dopo un anno di riflessione ho scelto di creare Mamma Chic per offrire degli spunti concreti e reali a tutte le mamme e papà che cercano consigli concreti e pratici per la loro vita e quella dei loro bambini. Il mio cammino fonde nozioni di puericultura a esperienze di vita vera. Perchè la vita di una mamma è un'avventura che non ha mai fine ed è giusto poterla condividere !

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